Antiwordle - guess as many turns as possible

Things you should know

  • Antiwordle is a spinoff of the classical Wordle but it asks players to avoid guessing the word. i.e. to stay guessing as many turns as possible.
  • Colors are a bit different from wordle.
  • It might be difficult to sustain long rounds if you don't remember some words with rare letters.

What is antiwordle?

Antiwordle is a variant of the popular word puzzle game Wordle. In Antiwordle, the objective is reversed compared to the traditional Wordle game. Instead of trying to guess a specific word in the fewest attempts possible, the goal in Antiwordle is to perform "badly" - avoid guessing the correct word for as long as possible.

Players are given clues similar to Wordle, such as which letters are in the word and whether they are in the correct position, and must use these clues to strategically choose guesses that do not solve the puzzle.

This twist on the original Wordle format offers a unique and challenging experience for players.

Origin of antiwordle

Antiwordle was launched in February 2022 and went viral in social networks like TikTok and Reddit.

Antiwordle was a natural derivative of the original Wordle game. The original wordle encourages the player to share their records as short as possible. Then the author of antiwordle thought that it would be fun to "reverse" the wordle - to encourage people to stay as long as possible in the guessing process. It turned out that many people are interested in this idea!

How to play antiwordle?

You can play antiwordle in this page.

antiwordle description

The goal of Antiwordle is to avoid guessing the correct word for as long as possible. Unlike Wordle, where you try to guess the word in the fewest tries, in Antiwordle, you try to make as many incorrect guesses as possible.

antiwordle screenshot

The feedback of each turn is a bit different from the original Wordle:

  • Gray Letters: These letters are not in the word. You cannot use grey letters again.
  • Yellow Letters: These letters are in the word but in the wrong position. Per the rule, you must include them in your next guessing turn. You should try to place them in different positions from the correct answer (although you can only guess what the real hidden word is!) in your next guess.
  • Red Letters: These letters are in the word and in the correct position. Your strategy should be to avoid placing these letters in the same spot in future guesses.

Tips for playing antiwordle

Start with rare words

Begin by entering a five-letter word. It's often strategic to start with a word that doesn't contain commonly used letters (like vowels or common consonants such as "R", "S", "T", "L", "N", and "E") to avoid accidentally guessing correct letters.

Interestingly, someone discovered the word "xylyl" that has double repeat letters and consists of only rare letters. Gotta have a try!

Recently, more rare words with different first letters have been exploited:

  • A - AGGAG
  • B - BOBBY
  • C - COCCO (With CIVIC in a close 2nd)
  • D - DADDY
  • E - EXEEM
  • F - FLUFF
  • G - GRRRL
  • H - HOWFF
  • I - IMMIX
  • J - JUJUS
  • K - KAYAK
  • L - LOLLO
  • M - MAMMA

Try to make use of repeat characters

It might be a good idea to use repeat yellow or red letters to avoid blowing through all the gray letters too fast.

Is there a longest record of antiwordle?

Well, at least someone in the Reddit has achieved 22 guesses. Quite impressive.

Where can I share the my result?

You can share in Twitter. Or r/Antiwordle.

Can I play more if I finish today's guessing?

To my best knowledge, there is no UNLIMITED version of antiwordle so far. So you need to wait until tomorrow.

Edited on January 24, 2024