CoWordle - play Wordle game versus other player

Things you should know

  • CoWordle is a 1v1 multiplayer derivative game of the popular Wordle.
  • Two players take turn in guessing a hidden words. The first one hitting the word is the winner.
  • There are some practical words openers that can be useful if you are not that experienced in the game.

What is CoWordle?

CoWordle is a word guessing game that is played between two players. The two players take turns in guessing the hidden word. Each turn has a time limit. If a player fails to give a guess within the time limit, the player loses. There is no max number of rounds. The game ends when one player guesses the word correctly.

How to win?

A player wins if he is the first one to hit the correct word or the other players fails to provide a guess within the time limit in his round.

Origin of the game

The word "Wordle" is a combination of "word" and "riddle" The game involves guessing a five-letter word within six attempts, and the word itself is often described as a riddle to solve. The game was created by software engineer Josh Wardle and gained widespread popularity in 2021.

Since its launch, Wordle has many spinoffs. For example, Quordle (guess 4 wordles at the same time), Octordle (guess 8 words at the same time), Sedecordle (guess 16 words at once). CoWordle is the multiplayer derivative of the game Wordle. It was launched in 2022 and quick went viral in TikTok and reddit.

What is the relationship between Wordle and CoWordle?

Wordle is a solo game where you guess a five-letter word in six tries. Each guess gives clues about the letters and their positions.

CoWordle, unlike Wordle which is a solo game, is a 2-player competitive online game played between two players. In CoWordle, each player separately tries to guess a word before the other player. The key difference lies in the competitive aspect. While in Wordle, you are competing against the game itself to solve the puzzle and there is no time limit. In CoWordle, you will compete with a random opponent or your invited friend. Each player has limited time to solve the hidden word puzzle.

How to play the game?

You can play the game in this page. Currently there are two game modes - Turn-by-Turn mode and Duel mode.

two modes in the CoWordle game

Turn-by-Turn: Two players will guess a hidden word in turn. A player will be randomly selected as the first mover. The first player will guess the word in the first round, and the second player will guess the word in the second round. The game will continue until a player guesses the word correctly. Note that each turn has a time limit of 30 seconds. If a player fails to give a word within the time limit, the other player will win the match.

two difficulties in the dual mode of the CoWordle game

Duel: Two players will guess a hidden word in separate boards independently. Each player has max 6 tries and the player who guesses the word first will win the match. Note that a player cannot see guesses of the other players in the Duel mode. However, a player can see the colors of the opponent's board which shows the progress of the opponent. After the game finishes, guesses from the opponent will be revealed. There are also two difficulties in the Duel mode. The Normal difficulty allows players to use any 5-letter words as guesses. The Hard difficulty only allows players to make a new guess that contains all yellow and green characters from the former guesses. It makes players harder to come up with a valid guess within the time limit.

What does the green, yellow and gray colors of the tiles mean?

an example of different colors in CoWordle board tiles

In each turn a player types in a guess and submit the word by hitting the "Enter" key in the virtual keyboard. The color of the tiles will change after the submission.

GREEN: a green tile means that character guess is correct in that position. In other word, the hidden word has this character in that exact position. You should keep using this character in the later guesses.

YELLOW: a yellow tile means that character guess does exist in the hidden word, but not in that position. You should put this character in a different position in the later guesses.

GRAY: a gray tile means that character is simply not included in the hidden word at all. You will also notice that the virtual keyboard will show this character in the gray color, too.

What are some good strategies of playing the game?

Start with a Strong First Word

Choose a starting word that includes common letters like "E", "A", "R", "S", or "T". This can help you quickly identify which of these frequently used letters are in the puzzle.

Try words with lots of vowels

It is a good practice to try words with several vowels in it. For example, "radio", "opera", "media" and so on. The more vowel letters in a word, the better.

Think about Word Structure

As you progress, consider common word structures and letter combinations in the English language, like "TH", "CH", "ST", etc.

Keep an Eye on Letter Frequency and Positions

Remember that some letters are used more frequently in English words than others (e.g. "E", "T", "A"). Prioritize guessing these more common letters.

"SLEET" could be a good starter. "S" is the most common first letter. The two "E"s are in the most common places. "T" is also a common last letter.

Avoid Repeating Letters

Initially, avoid using words with repeated letters. This helps cover more ground with each guess.

Observe your opponent

If you get stuck and have no idea at all, you can just type in some random word and observe what your opponent guesses. You might get some clues from the them.

Some tips for novices

If you are a novice, you might find it difficult to come up with a word. Here are some good 4-word starter recommendations for you.

FLAME BRICK PODGY SHUNT - They have a good distributions of words and common letters in common places.

WORST FUGLE CHIMP BANDY - Another good set of words.

TUBES FLING CHAMP WORDY - Popularized by TikTok. You can give it a try.

Edited on January 24, 2024