Squareword - make each row and column a valid word

Things you should know

  • Squareword is a 2D version of Wordle. Or, a combination of Wordle and Crossword - you have to make each row and column valid word.
  • Use both columns and rows to make guesses.
  • It would be beneficial to learn some common words that can quickly spread out the characters.

What is the Squarewords?

Squareword is a variant of the popular word game Wordle. While Wordle challenges players to guess a single word within a set number of tries, Squareword expands on this concept by presenting a grid of words. In Squareword, players typically have to fill in a square grid, with each row and column representing a word. The objective is to guess all the words in the grid.

Like Wordle, Squareword offers a daily challenge and has become popular among word game enthusiasts for its added complexity and the satisfying challenge of completing the entire grid. The gameplay combines elements of crosswords and Wordle, making it an engaging puzzle for those who enjoy word games.

How to play the Squarewords?

You can play the game in this page. The rule might be a bit involved at first glance:

Each row and column must be a valid 5-letter word.

antiwordle description

Each time you will guess a word for all rows.

Fortunately, unlike a real Crossword, you don't need to both type in words for rows and columns separately. You only type in a word and the word will be matched to all rows at once - an example will be provided in the paragraph below.

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The color feedbacks are somewhat similar to Wordle. Green tiles mean exact matches. Each row has an extra indicator (rightmost of the row) that shows characters that exists in the row but are not matched.

antiwordle descriptionantiwordle description

For example, if I type in "RADIO", all rows will be tested for the character of the corresponding position.

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How to win the Squarewords?

To win the game, you have to make each row and column valid words. The fewer the turns it takes to figure out the grid, the better.

Some people think the game is a bit more easier than wordle probably because the columns have made the game easier. But personally, I find that in order to make all rows and columns valid words, there are some really obscure words that you need to scratch your head to find out.

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Origin of the Squarewords

Squareword was launched in February 2022 by u/oliwary in r/wordle. The author claimed that it was heavily inspired by Wordle. Since then, the game went viral and quickly reached 10 million times of play in late 2022.

Can I play more if I finish guessing today's word?

As far as I know, there is no UNLIMITED version of Squareword. So you need to wait until tomorrow.

Tips for playing the Squarewords

The strategies of playing Squarewords are somehow similar to other wordle-like games.

Start with common letters

Begin by filling in common letters that frequently appear in English words, such as vowels (A, E, I, O, U) and common consonants (R, S, T, L, N). This can give you a good foundation.

Look for patterns

Pay attention to common word patterns or endings such as -ING, -ED, -ER, etc. Recognizing these patterns can help you guess adjacent words.

Mind both the rows and columns

If you couldn't figure out the direction of the next word from the rows, you can try observing the columns.

Edited on January 24, 2024